Friday Jams Week One

Happy Friday! I’m starting a weekly feature on my blog called Friday Jams which means that the end of each week I’ll do a recap of the five artists I listened to the most and share with you the song of theirs that received the most plays. There is usually always music playing in my apartment, and my husband and I listen to very different types (he prefers post-hardcore and I’m more of a pop person), so get ready to see a wide variety of jams featured!

I’ll be pulling all of my data from, a website that tracks every song you listen to and compiles all the data to give you different stats on your listening trends. I’m able to connect my Spotify account to it, so when I’m listening through that it updates in real time. If my husband is the one playing the music through his phone, I’m able to use The Universal Scrobber to copy the music he plays to my account.

This past week (February 15 through February 21) I listened to a total of 1,124 songs which totaled about 2 days and 15 hours of music. Here are the 5 artists I listened to the most:

Jonas Brothers – 392 scrobbles

Rumors started flying this last week that the Jonas Brothers are doing the world a favor and reuniting! Neither Kevin, Joe, or Nick have made an official statement yet, but Nick was liking tweets about the reunion on Twitter which is giving us all a lot of hope. I am a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan and had a bit of a meltdown when I heard the news.

Palisades – 92 scrobbles

I don’t listen to a ton of post-hardcore if my husband isn’t around. It’s not that I dislike it or anything, it’s just not my favorite. Palisades is one though that I’ll independently play from time to time. We actually saw them in concert a few years ago which was pretty neat.

Fit For A King – 60 scrobbles

My husband discovered Fit For A King fairly recently and is now obsessed with them, which means I’ve also been listening to them more. He’s actually challenged himself to making them climb my charts and reach a total of 1,000 plays. Really I can’t argue since I’ve made him listen to so much Taylor Swift that she’s his 15th highest overall artist with around 1,500 scrobbles.

Ed Sheeran – 43 scrobbles

I actually joined the Ed Sheeran bandwagon pretty late, but now I can’t get enough of him. He quickly climbed my charts and is now one of my most played artists overall. I’d really love to see him live someday and I actually have a tattoo planned that’s inspired by him that I hope to get in the future. I See Fire is an absolutely beautiful song and we can never listen to it only once.

Twenty One Pilots – 43 scrobbles

My son Elliott is one and a half years old and really his entire life he’s loved music (probably because the only time he doesn’t hear it is when he’s sleeping). We’ve recently discovered that the artists that make him dance the most are Twenty One Pilots and Vampire Weekend, which we’re very excited about! This week was more of a Twenty One Pilots week for him, so we’ll have to see what next week is like.

4 thoughts on “Friday Jams Week One”

  1. Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers is an iconic song that I will never get over. I also love Ed Sheeran!! I only started listening to him in December but I’m completely hooked.


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