Want to Read That Roundup

Confession time – I have 759 books marked as want to read on Goodreads. It’s a little daunting to think of all the books out there that I really really want to read and haven’t gotten around to yet, but I love discovering new novels and I definitely don’t want authors to stop putting out amazing new works. Inspired by Emily at Midwestern Book Nerd, I’ve decided to share with you the 10 most recent books that have made it onto my want to read shelf!

Squad by Mariah MacCarthy

First, I do want to bring attention to the fact that though this book is being sold under the name Mariah MacCarthy, the author has asked to be called Rae.

This is a book about finding out who you are underneath all of the labels that people have assigned to you. It’s being pitched as Mean Girls meets Heathers with a splash of Bring it On, and while I actually haven’t seen any of those, I’ve always had this feeling that I would love them. Maybe Rae and Squad will inspire me to finally see Mean Girls at the very least.

Squad releases March 12 from Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Read my review.

Deposing Nathan by Zack Smedley

The synopsis of this book describes the main character, Nate, as “the perfect son—the product of a no-nonsense upbringing and deep spiritual faith.” Growing up, this. was. me. I’ve also heard that the ending is not something you see coming and I love a book that keeps you on your toes.

Deposing Nathan releases May 7 from Page Street Publishing. Read my review.

The Liar’s Daughter by Megan Cooley Peterson

Cults. Once you say that word, I’m yours. They’re fascinating and I love reading about them. I feel like most books involving cults, at least the ones I’ve read, feature main characters trying to escape, but in this one Piper is trying to get back. Also, that cover is whoa absolutely amazing and incredible and honestly one of the best covers I’ve seen in a very long time.

The Liar’s Daughter releases September 10 from Holiday House.

Midsummer’s Mayhem by Rajani LaRocca

This upcoming middle grade novel is A Midsummer Night’s Dream retelling featuring competitive baking, family, and magic. This ownvoices diverse novel sounds adorable and I’m looking forward to reading about some super yummy food.

Midsummer’s Mayhem releases June 4 from Yellow Jacket. Read my review.

Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga

As soon as I saw this cover I knew I had to know more. Then, when I saw this was a middle grade novel written in verse I knew I absolutely had to read it. This is a book I’m anticipating will punch me in the heart with all the feels and leave me thinking about it for weeks.

Other Words for Home releases May 7 from Balzer + Bray.

The Paris Project by Donna Gephart

Cleveland is obsessed with France and dreams of going to school there instead of being stuck in her tiny Florida town. This sounds like a darling coming of age story that deals with learning to make the best out of the hand you’ve been dealt. Plus, if the cover is any indication, Cleveland is going to be a fun sassy character that I’ll love reading about.

The Paris Project releases October 8 from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Give and Take by Elly Swartz

A middle grade novel that deals with hoarding? I am ready for this representation! Growing up, everything was sentimental and I kept it all. Learning to let go of things was hard, but necessary. Having a book like this could have made it easier and I’m so glad this subject is going to be out there for kids to know they aren’t alone.

Give and Take releases October 15 from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

A Good Kind of Trouble by Lisa Moore Ramee

After reading The Hate U Give, I knew we needed more realistic fiction about what is happening in America right. now. Thankfully, another is coming, and this time it’s a middle grade which is so so important. We have to start providing representation to all ages, and this novel is going to help do that.

A Good Kind of Trouble releases March 12 from Balzer + Bray.

The Au Pair by Emma Rous

I don’t read too much adult fiction, but this thriller is ready to take me on a wild ride and I am here for it. The cover is eye catching and it sounds like it’s full of family drama. Thanks to Emily for putting this one on my radar!

The Au Pair released January 8 from Berkley Books.

The Quiet You Carry by Nikki Barthelmess

Lately I’ve been seeing more young adult novels approaching the subject of PTSD and I really couldn’t be more thankful. PTSD is something I have been struggling with lately, and even though I’m no longer a teen, it still feels as if I’m being seen.

The Quiet You Carry releases March 5 from Flux.

Tell me what books you’ve recently discovered and added to your TBR! Is Want to Read That Roundup something you’d like to see as a monthly feature? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Want to Read That Roundup”

  1. Thank you so much for your conscientiousness around my chosen name! For the record, Mariah MacCarthy is still my professional name, at least for now. You’re so awesome for the care you’ve taken around this. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yay! I’m glad you have added The Au Pair! Your list is awesome and I am definitely going to add a few of these to my Goodreads. Thanks for helping to bring some more diverse authors to my attention too. It’s always a goal of mine, but sometimes it’s hard for me to even initially find out about newer books by diverse authors. So thank you!


    1. As soon as I read your post I added The Au Pair to my Goodreads! I’m so glad I was able to help you find some new books as well! I’ve been fortunate enough to find out about a lot of great sounding diverse and own voices books/authors lately, but it definitely isn’t always easy.

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