Monthly Wrap Up: February 2019

I really don’t understand how it’s now only the third month of 2019 because it feels like we’ve been here for yeeeeaaaars. Really though I can’t complain too much since 2019 truly is blessing us so far (hello, Jonas Brothers reunion!) and I hope that trend continues. As we welcome in March, here’s a look at how my February went.


This was an incredibly slow reading month for me. I only read 9 books, and besides two poetry collections, they were all middle grade.

Thanks to how much I read in January though, I’m at 40/50 books for this years Goodreads Reading Challenge. I definitely wasn’t expecting to already be almost finished with that goal, but I’m hoping to complete it next month. I’m undecided on if once I’ve hit 50 books I’ll raise my goal or not.

Author Events

My city doesn’t normally have very many middle grade or young adult author signings or events, but the wonderful Kim Ventrella had several signings in the area and I saw her at Magic City Books on February 28! She was very sweet, talked a little about her writing process, and read the first chapter from her new middle grade book, Bone Hollow, which I can’t wait to dive into!


Since my blog is still a brand new baby there were only 7 posts this month. Musings of a (Book) Girl is now officially juuuust over a week old and I’ve had the best time working on posts and figuring out my aesthetic. Thank you so much to those that have taken a chance on my passion project and subscribed, it really means more to me than you know! If you missed any of my previous posts from the month of February, I’ve linked them below.


Y’all, I’m going to be honest, it’s been a rough month. These last few weeks my mental health has not been the best, verging on being the worst in a while. My son has a lot of medical problems, and the end of February going into March is the anniversary of some really scary things he went through last year. Logically, I know these are just days on a calendar, but the weight they carry is so heavy. I’ve been struggling with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I’m allowing myself some grace, believing that these are all valid feelings after what we went through, but I’m not going to stop pushing and hopefully get out of this rut soon.

How was your February? Did you do anything fun or exciting, read more or less books than normal, struggle with anything? Drop a comment below so we can chat! I’d especially love it if you’d tell me what things about my blog are giving you heart eye emojis and which parts make you cringe. This is a learning process and I’m relying on your feedback to help me grow.

5 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: February 2019”

  1. I hope your mental health gets better in March! I can’t wait to see what else you write and post here on your (new!) blog. Thank you for continuing to be such an inspiration to me and everyone else who reads your posts.


  2. Congrats on starting your blog! I think we started at about the same time, but you already have seven posts while I only have one 😂 Honestly, I can’t find any faults with your blog. Your writing style is really easy to read and it’s very conversational. I feel like February was a bad month for everyone, but I hope March and the rest of 2019 goes better for you ! And wow, forty books out of fifty already? You go girl! (I may be falling behind on my goodreads challenge).

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    1. Yay! New book blog buddies! I just uuuuhhhhh got REALLY into and was like I NEED TO WRITE ALL THE POSTS RIGHT NOW. My husband can confirm that for like two days straight all I did was work on posts. Him and my son probably felt so neglected haha. Thank you so so much for saying that about my writing style! I really appreciate it a lot! And it’s okay that you’re behind on your Goodreads challenge! I always start out the year by reading a ton and then, around now, I start to slow down. You still have nine months!

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