Waiting on Wednesday: The Black Veins by Ashia Monet

Title: The Black Veins
Author: Ashia Monet
Release Date: 7/17/2019

In a world where magic thrives in secret city corners, a group of magicians embark on a road trip—and it’s the “no-love-interest”, found family adventure you’ve been searching for.

Blythe is one of seven Guardians: magicians powerful enough to cause worldwide panic with a snap of their fingers. But Blythe spends her days pouring latte art at her family’s coffee shop, so why should she care about having apocalyptic abilities?

She’s given a reason when magician anarchists crash into said coffee shop and kidnap her family.

Heartbroken but determined, Blythe knows she can’t save them alone. A war is brewing between two magician governments and tensions are too high. So, she packs up her family’s bright yellow Volkswagen, puts on a playlist, and embarks on a road trip across the United States to enlist the help of six strangers whose abilities are unparalleled—the other Guardians. 

This upcoming young adult novel has no romance and that is going to be such a breath of fresh air! It also features a highly diverse set of characters, queer rep, and Ashia is such a delight on Twitter. Fantasy normally isn’t a genre that I’m able to enjoy very often, but this is one that I am eagerly anticipating.

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