Friday Jams Week Five

I’m going to try something different this week, and instead of showcasing my top FIVE artists I’m going to drop it down to the top THREE. Much to my husband’s dismay, I’m one of those people that has a core group of musicians they like and doesn’t deviate from them very much, so I feel like my top five artists are pretty similar week to week. Hopefully, by dropping it down to three, we’ll be able to see some changes? I guess we’ll find out!

Next week I’ll also start doing music reviews! I’ve asked Twitter to give me recommendations, and each week I’ll randomly select one to focus on and review during Friday Jams. If you have any artists you’d like to submit, leave a comment! As long as I’m able to find them on Spotify, you can suggest anybody!

This is a recap of the three artists I listened to the most over the past week and which of their songs was my favorite. I’ll be pulling all of my data from, a website that tracks every song you listen to and compiles all the data to give you different stats on your listening trends.

This past week (March 15 through March 21) I listened to a total of 981 songs, 294 more than last week. The past few Friday Jams have shown me listening to less music thanks to my crappy mental health, but things started to look up this week and you can tell by the increase in my scrobbles.

Ariana Grande
100 scrobbles

Ever since thank u, next came out I’ve been listening to it pretty exclusively, but this week I started playing her other albums more too. I’d like to say that I’ve always been an Ariana Grande fan, but really it wasn’t until Dangerous Woman was released that I really started to listen to her a lot.

Iron & Wine
78 scrobbles

I actually used to really hate Iron & Wine. His music was so boring to me and I couldn’t stand how mumbly he was. That changed when my husband’s suicide attempt led to an inpatient stay at a mental health hospital last September. Listening to Iron & Wine brought me a lot of comfort because it’s one of his favorite artists, so in a way it made me feel closer to him when I was unable to see him. And now, I love listening to him.

Luke Bryan
68 scrobbles

This one is all Erin Hahn’s fault. This past week I ready her upcoming debut You’d Be Mine (my review will be up Monday, but y’all, it’s SO GOOD) which is all about country music. Had you been a fly on my apartment wall you would have been hearing a lot of Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, and Kip Moore. I haven’t listened to country music since high school, and it’s really been taking me back.

Have any artists you want me to try? What music did you listen to this week? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Friday Jams Week Five”

  1. is telling me my top 3 artists last week were Rihanna, Hans Zimmer, and Cobra Starship
    And, based on the low number of scrobbles, that we def used my coworker’s Spotify account for a lot of our musical shennanigans at work this week.
    Glad you’re still doing the top artists alongside your music reviews!


  2. I listen to Luke Bryan and a lot of other country music more than I would like to admit, I’ve been listening to Southern Girl by Tim McGraw a lot recently.


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