Sunday Stacks: The Upcoming Week’s TBR

I hope everybody is enjoying a relaxing Sunday before having to start another week! Being a mood reader like I am can make having an official TBR difficult, but ever since I got a book cart it’s become a lot more doable! I’m a very visual person, so being able to put my physical review books and other books I’m wanting to read soon on the cart in a prominent spot has helped me stay focused.

Today I’ll be sharing with you three books that I’m planning on reading this next week. Odds are I’ll read more than three books, but I like to try and set realistic goals, otherwise I’ll end up overwhelmed and won’t finish anything. It also makes me feel less bad in the event that a reading slump hits. Thanks to Harker for the post idea!

As soon as I saw that When We Were Lost by Kevin Wignall was being compared to Lost and Lord of the Flies, I knew I had to get my hands on it. This is a book presented by James Patterson, and while I’ve never read anything that he has authored, I’ve heard that he picks some really amazing young adult novels to support. I’m really crossing my fingers that this one won’t let me down. Also, a huge thank you to Eric Smith for passing his copy on to me so I could read and review it early! This one doesn’t come out until the beginning of June, so look out for my review at the start of May.

I did a little happy dance when I saw the email come through from NetGalley saying I had been approved for Something Like Gravity by Amber Smith. Her first book, The Way I Used to Be, was mind blowingly amazing and I’m really looking forward to reading this upcoming novel. The first thing about it that caught my eye as I was browsing NetGalley was the cover. Illustrated covers are my favorite and the blue is so pretty. Something Like Gravity also releases in June, so watch this space for my review at some point in May.

I always try really hard to make sure I read a good balance of things to review and books that I just want to read. This week my “just for fun” book is going to be The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried by Shaun David Hutchinson. I won this book in a giveaway that was done by Louise from Foxes and Fairy Tales. Other than the anthology, Violent Ends, Hutchinson edited, I haven’t read anything by him. I’ve heard good things about this one though, and I’m really liking the cover! (I actually got a little too excited to start this and ended up reading it all on Saturday. It was an incredibly fast read, but the entire book was basically Dino and July arguing. Confrontation and arguments majorly stress me out and give me anxiety, so I wasn’t a huge fan of this one.)

Have you read any of these books yet? If you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts! What books are you hoping to get to this week?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stacks: The Upcoming Week’s TBR”

  1. I’ve got Shaun’s book on my tbr as well! I’ve read a few ofher ones. I think the further back you start & the more you read, the more cameos you pick up on because his books seem to be same universe. 👀 So far I’ve read The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley and The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza.


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