Friday Jams Week Six

Welcome to another Friday and congratulations on making it through the week! I have what I’m hoping will be a fun and exciting change to Friday Jams. Along with sharing with y’all my top three artists from the week, I’ll now also be including music reviews! I’ve asked Twitter to tell me who their favorite artists are, and you can always leave a comment on my Friday Jams posts with your suggestions too! Each week I’ll randomly select one music artist to listen to and give my thoughts on. Who knows, maybe we’ll both find a new favorite musician!

This is a recap of the three artists I listened to the most over the past week and which of their songs was my favorite. I’ll be pulling all of my data from, a website that tracks every song you listen to and compiles all the data to give you different stats on your listening trends.

This past week (March 22 through March 28) I listened to a total of 1,168 songs, 187 more than last week. I was so close to beating my record for the most scrobbles in a week. My current record is 1,233.

Julia Michaels
147 scrobbles

I actually saw Julia Michaels live this week!! I’ve done a little recap of the concert down below if you want to read about it. I love her so so so much. I remember the day she released her first single, Issues, and I just instantly fell head over heels in love with it and her. Anxiety is my favorite song by her because it honestly perfectly describes how I feel 97% of the time.

Ariana Grande
123 scrobbles

This is one of my favorite Ariana Grande songs because, again, it relates to my anxiety. Just keep breathing is something I constantly have to tell myself.

Panic! at the Disco
63 scobbles

My husband has been reeeealllly into Panic! lately, but I don’t actually mind. If we’re being honest, I still can hardly tell them and Fall Out Boy apart. I have to constantly ask myself, is this a Fall Out Boy song I’ve heard before? No? Then it must be Panic! I prefer Fall Out Boy though.

Sorry, instead of a music review this week I’m going to freak out about seeing my favorite, Julia Michaels, live!

Y’ALL. JULIA. FREAKING. MICHAELS. Oh my god. She is literally the cutest person on this planet. Being on stage gives her anxiety, and she had this nervous laugh she would do, and it melted my heart. So cute. And the energy she had on stage was incredible! I loved watching her dance around and be completely into the music. Her four bandmates were also a lot of fun to watch, and I loved that they would dance around with her too.

We sat up in the mezzanine which was really helpful for my anxiety. I have a hard time in crowds and at times it can get so bad that I can hardly function. We were at the Vanguard, which is a pretty small venue, and it was sold out. There were so many people packed inside that we probably would have had to leave early if I had been down on the floor. It was a little disappointing because I wasn’t able to get good pictures, and she was being so engaging with the crowd by holding people’s hands, but I’m honestly just glad I was able to experience her in person. Towards the end she sang my favorite song, Anxiety, and I was definitely crying.

After the show we stopped by her merch table and I was able to get a shirt that features a lyric from her song Anxiety that says “I’m holding hands with my depression” repeatedly down the front. It’s now my favorite thing ever. Whitney Fenimore and Billy Raffoul opened for her, and they were both amazing as well! I’m already really hoping that Julia comes back to Tulsa next time she’s touring. If she does, I’m absolutely going to be there.

3 thoughts on “Friday Jams Week Six”

  1. Loooooove Panic!
    They do sound supes similar to FOB though.
    My way of differentiating between the two is if it sounds like it could be a garage band, it’s probably FOB. Something a little more melodic and a voice that’s more sing-y and smooth? PATD.

    So glad that you got to see an artist that dear to you live! It’s always such a magical experience and I can definitely relate to balcony seating needs. I have severe anxiety and whenever I go to concerts with my sister she’s down moshing and I’m up above.
    I’ll go check out her music later this week though!


    1. Oooh, that’s a really good way to differentiate between FOB and PATD! I’ll have to remember that.

      I’m seeing The Maine in a couple of months and they didn’t have balcony seating available for the show. I’m really hoping that maybe I can convince them to let me up there though so I’m able to stay for the entire show. Let me know what you think of Julia Michaels if you end up giving her a try!


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