Introducing Noodle

On Saturday, my family welcomed it’s newest member, Noodle the kitten! I’ve been wanting a cat for about five years now, but had never been able to convince my husband that we needed one. Thanks to the magic of Taylor Swift (have you listened to ME! yet? I love it!) and the fact that she just introduced us to her third cat, Benjamin Button, he finally said we could start looking for a cat!

My city’s government run animal shelter is just a couple of miles from where we live. No matter what we were going to adopt and not buy a cat, but it was also incredibly important to me that I try and find one to save from a shelter that’s more likely to euthanize animals that aren’t being adopted. Unfortunately, the majority of the cats available were feral and wouldn’t let the shelter staff handle them. If I didn’t have a toddler I would absolutely be the kind of person that would take a chance on one of those cats and my heart hurt knowing that I couldn’t help them. One of the cats we were able to see though was Noodle, a two month old kitten and the last to be adopted from a litter of nine.

Because I’ve been wanting and waiting for the perfect cat for so long I told myself that I wouldn’t settle and just take the first cat I saw. I wasn’t going to tell myself that there were certain make or break traits, but there were certain things I was really wanting in a cat: medium or long hair, calm, cuddly, and older. A kitten was the last thing I really wanted. I mean, I already have a rambunctious all over the place toddler, so adding a kitten into the mix just didn’t sound like a fun time. But, when I saw Noodle for the first time, my heart knew she was the one. It also kind of felt like she was meant for me and had been waiting since she was the last of her litter.

My son, Elliott, really loves her. During dinner, Noodle was going crazy and running all around and Elliott just sat in his high chair watching her and laughing so hard. Our dog, Milton (read about him here!), has been pretty chill about the new addition. Noodle has tried to play with him a few times and Milton has just ignored her. My husband, Andy, isn’t a huge fan that I fell in love with a wild and hyper kitten, but he likes Noodle and considers her a part of the family.

I knew that someday I would eventually have a cat, so I’m basically always brainstorming cat names. I really love naming animals after food (don’t ask me why, I guess I just think it’s cute and funny?), so I already had the potential names Pancake and Cheeto picked out. Since she was the last of her litter of nine, we also added the name Nine to our list, and I was considering Swift (in honor of Taylor Swift). On our way home from the shelter though my husband threw out the name Noodle. And you know when something just feels right? That’s exactly how this was. Noodle fits her so well and I love it.

So there’s Noodle’s introduction! We took a nap together earlier and as soon as we laid down she passed out a couple of feet away from me, but a few minutes later she woke up and moved right up next to me. Let me tell you, my heart melted. I’m really hoping that she’ll be my best friend since our dog doesn’t really like me. I also hope that I’m able to give her an incredibly happy life and that she always feels loved.

A message from Noodle: ,kfffkjd 3mjdkxxxxxxxxxxxx w 8888888888888 fu888888887hhhhhhhhctbhjry66ktjjjjjjjjjjjjj988

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