Review and Official Playlist: Deposing Nathan by Zack Smedley

Welcome to my stop on the Deposing Nathan blog tour! I am so excited to be sharing this book with all of you today because oh my goodness it’s incredible. Keep reading to see my review and the official playlist put together by the author!

Title: Deposing Nathan
Author: Zack Smedley
Release Date: May 7, 2019
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Pages: 400
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Content Warnings: extreme profanity/offensive language, child abuse, underage drinking, infrequent mentions of marijuana use, physical violence, depiction of suicidal thoughts, sexual content, mentions and depictions of anxiety attacks

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For sixteen years, Nate was the perfect son—the product of a no-nonsense upbringing and deep spiritual faith. Then he met Cam, who pushed him to break rules, dream, and accept himself. Conflicted, Nate began to push back. With each push, the boys became more entangled in each others’ worlds…but they also spiraled closer to their breaking points. And now all of it has fallen apart after a fistfight-turned-near-fatal-incident—one that’s left Nate with a stab wound and Cam in jail.

Now Nate is being ordered to give a statement, under oath, that will send his best friend to prison. The problem is, the real story of what happened between them isn’t as simple as anyone thinks. With all eyes on him, Nate must make his confessions about what led up to that night with Cam…and in doing so, risk tearing both of their lives apart.

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2019 is blessing us with some incredible debuts this year, and I’m excited to be adding Deposing Nathan to that list. Zack Smedley takes us on such an emotional roller coaster throughout the pages of Nathan’s story and I honestly loved every single second of it. I had a lot of life things going on while I was making my way through this book, so it took me several days to get through it, but it really would be one that you could read in one sitting. The 400 pages that make up this book go by so quickly and the plot keeps you hooked and wanting to learn more.

I just think someone needs to tell you that it’s okay to not have your shit together. Because everybody screws up, even adults.

deposing nathan by zack smedley

Smedley’s characters were vibrant and flawed in such a way that made them feel real. Each of them could have been somebody in my high school and they probably could have been or are somebody in your school too. Everyone had their own distinct personalities and they each contributed to the story in an important way. At no point did a character ever feel unnecessary or pointless, which I feel can happen a lot.

…if you think you have to earn enough points on someone’s rubric for them to accept you, then either you’re wrong to assume they won’t love you for who you are, or they never loved you in the first place.

deposing nathan by zack smedley

The entire time I was reading Deposing Nathan it felt like it was written with such a big purpose. Every single event that took place and action a character made had a reason and driving force behind it which helped propel the story along. I don’t feel comfortable going into detail, but so much of this novel really hit close to home for me. There is so much hurt, pain, and heartbreaking things within these pages, and while it was at times hard to read and made me uncomfortable because of emotions related to personal experiences, I can’t even begin to tell you how important reading this book was to me.

One of my absolute favorite things was the exploration of faith and religion that Nathan went through. I consider myself to be a Christian, but I am definitely not your typical Jesus lover. Much of what I believe now goes against everything I was taught so many years ago in church, and it’s been a long journey of figuring everything that goes along with that out. Seeing Nathan go through this as well, grappling with his realization that he is bisexual and how his faith fits into that, was so important for me to read and it made me feel seen and not alone.

You’re going to be so many things someday.

deposing nathan by zack smedley

Deposing Nathan is a must pick up book. Teens that are trying to figure out who they are need this book. Teens with suffocating parents and guardians need this book. Teens that are comfortable with who they are but have a friend that isn’t need this book. The story that Zack Smedley has brought to life is phenomenal and important on so many levels. At the time this post went up, Deposing Nathan is just under a week away from being released, but I’m already eagerly anticipating more from this author.

A finished copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

A huge thank you to Zack for sharing his official Deposing Nathan playlist with us! I also previously shared a post Zack wrote on profanity in YA, including in his own novel, and it’s definitely worth checking out too.

Oh, how special this tracklist is to me. Around the time I started writing NATHAN during the summer of 2016, I met a friend who completely revolutionized my music library by introducing me to indie folk groups like The National, Tallest Man on Earth, Beach House, etc. (Incidentally, he’d also go on to later be the first person who ever read the manuscript of NATHAN once I finished it). The music I listened to while writing this was a crucial part at wringing the emotion out of me, and the book wouldn’t exist without it.

Here are the essential tracks from the NATHAN playlist, which has existed since that summer three years ago.

If you want to listen to these (along with some bonus honorable mentions!) the link to the Spotify playlist is here!

Official Book Playlist

Track Chapter # / Description
Main Theme of Deposing Nathan
The Tallest Man on Earth
5. (Nighttime Adventure)
Don’t Look Down
6. (Stargazing / “Sic Itur Ad Astra”)
Mr. Maker
The Kooks
18. (Studying together)
Sons & Daughters
The Decemberists
23. (Driving / “ALWAYS DIFFERENT!”)
Cradle Song for A (Interstate B3)
Max Richter
33. (New Year’s Eve / “It’s You.”)
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
The National
45. (Park Aftermath)
Bedroom Hymns
Florence + The Machine
47. (“Don’t wear a belt”)
49. (Punishments / Aunt Lori’s Theme)
The Antlers
51. (The Graveyard scene)
Sigur Rós
71. (One day in the woods)
72. (“And the rest is splendor and starlight”)
III. Mrs Dalloway: War Anthem
Max Richter
74. (Nate’s Confession / The Stabbing)
Forever and Back
Brian Tyler
79. (“Know that I’ll remember this”)

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