Ten Books I’d Love to See on My Netflix Screen

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was a page to screen freebie and I’ve decided to share with you ten books that I’d love to see adaptations of! Some of them will be movies while others I think would be better as a series. Netflix does great with their original content, so I’d love if they were the ones that picked all of these up!

Anna and the French Kiss

I really need the Anna and the French Kiss series to be turned into a miniseries. Kind of like how Netflix did with A Series of Unfortunate Events, I feel like these books would be great with two episodes for each one. That’s only six episodes for the entire thing! GIVE IT TO ME.

Animated shows are doing pretty great on Netflix right now (I’m looking at you She-Ra, Hilda, and The Dragon Prince), so I really think it’s past time we get an animated series of Lumberjanes. These comics and characters are absolutely hilarious and I know that non-comic lovers would enjoy their wild antics too.

You'd Be MIne

There would not be a better summertime movie to watch with your favorite person (or four legged companion) and a bowl of popcorn than You’d Be Mine. This book has everything and I think it’s one Netflix could pretty easily market to both younger viewers and the older ones. I picture two unknown actors playing Annie and Clay and with Erin Hahn’s story, this could be their big break. Read my review and tell me how right I am.

Y’all are probably going to hate me for this one, but I’d love for Netflix (and only Netflix) to make a Harry Potter series. Not movies. Just a series. Each book would be one season and the length of the season would depend on the book since they vary in length. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movies and I’ll probably always love them, but I’m ready for some new visual content and I think Netflix could do it justice.

Deposing Nathan

Deposing Nathan is such a powerful and hard hitting story and I’ll be so disappointed if it never gets a screen adaptation. The author, Zack Smedley, would love for it to be a film or miniseries (he would prefer a miniseries and I definitely agree) and he’s actually already written a screenplay and teleplay for it! Zack even has a playlist for the book that would be great as the soundtrack. Hey, Netflix, a big chunk of the work is already done for you, so what are you waiting for? Read my full review and see the playlist before you go.

This is the first young adult series I remember reading over and over when I was younger. I’ve always thought Shiver would be great as a movie and I’m a little salty that it hasn’t happened yet. This book has been out since 2009 so I really don’t understand what the hold up is. Give me my Grace and Sam werewolf love story already, Netflix!

Okay, seriously, The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise would be the perfect laugh out loud and hard hitting movie to bring the entire family together. Kids would love the crazy adventures that Coyote has and parents would appreciate all of the life lessons packed into this story.

Netflix has been all about those Christmas movies lately, so what would be more fun than a series based on My True Love Gave to Me where every story was an episode? I’ll go ahead and answer that for you….NOTHING. This is just waiting oh so patiently on all of our shelves for its time to shine.

I need My True Love Gave to Me to happen first, but after it’s made I’ll gladly take a follow up to it with Summer Days and Summer Nights! I didn’t love this collection near as much as the winter holiday themed one, but I’d still love to find it in my Netflix queue some day.

What better to do with a book about the pressures social media stars face than to turn it into a movie? Claire and Poppy’s sisterly relationship would be so great on screen and I would love to see this story played out by real people. Plus, this book features the slowest slow burn in history and I really can’t ever get enough of that. Read my review to see why I love it so much!

If you could see any book turned into a movie or television series, what would it be? Let me know in the comments and let’s chat!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted each week by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl. Visit her blog to see what she did with this week’s page to screen freebie and find other’s lists as well!

12 thoughts on “Ten Books I’d Love to See on My Netflix Screen”

  1. A Harry Potter series would be great. I’m sure there are showrunners out there that would love to work on a series based in that world.


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