Seven Authors Whose Books I Will Immediately Buy

Auto-buy authors are part of a special group that each reader gets to create. They’re the authors that have made so big an impact on us that we will buy anything they write without a moment of hesitation. Here are seven of the authors that have made that impact on me.

All author links will take you to their website and book links will take you to their Goodreads page.

Gayle Forman – The first book I read of hers was If I Stay way back when I was in high school. I’ve loved everything she has written and will forever buy anything she writes the day it comes out.

Erin Hahn – Even though Erin was a debut author this year, she has already made her way onto my auto-buy list. She has such a way with words and You’d Be Mine ingrained itself so deeply into my heart. I can’t wait to read her sophomore novel, More Than Maybe. Read my review for this debut!

Zack Smedley – Zack is another debut author that has made a huge impact on me this year. His novel, Deposing Nathan, reflected so much of myself back at me. I’m also incredibly proud to call Zack my friend and I’ll always support him. Read my review of his debut and read his guest post on profanity in YA.

Jennifer E. Smith – She is my favorite contemporary romance author! I just so happened to read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight on a plane to Florida without knowing anything about the book. It was a really fun coincidence and started a love for Smith that I never anticipated.

Ellen Hopkins – This is probably the author that has been my favorite the longest. Even though I didn’t love her newest novel, People Kill People, I’ve really enjoyed everything else she has written so far. Impulse is my favorite and was one of the first novels I ever truly related to.

Tillie Walden – I adore graphic novels and nobody does them better than Tillie. Not only are the stories she creates incredible, but so is her art. Her novels are completely unique and I’ve never come across any others like them. They’re also filled with queer characters every single time and a ton of emotion. On a Sunbeam is a book I’ll scream about forever.

Cassandra Clare – There aren’t many fantasy books or authors I enjoy, but Cassandra Clare is one I am completely in love with. It helps a lot that she writes urban fantasy. Something about her words and characters make the story so easy for me to get into and follow which is something I really struggle with when it comes to fantasy. The original City of Bones series is definitely my favorite, but I’ve enjoyed everything so far.

Who is one of your auto-buy authors? Do we have any in common? Let me know in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted each week by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl. Visit her blog to see who her auto-buy authors are and find other’s lists as well!

29 thoughts on “Seven Authors Whose Books I Will Immediately Buy”

  1. I have Cassandra Clare on my list as well. You have quite a few authors I still need to give a try. I really enjoyed If I Stay, but haven’t read much by her yet. So many books, so little time, haha.


  2. I’ve been hoping I’d see more Jennifer E. Smith mentions! I still can’t get used to the uniform look of the silhouette-cover versions when I’m used to her older books with photo covers (I also still can’t quite figure out how The Statistical Probably of Love At First Sight catapulted her into brand name recognition), but I liked the Comeback Season much more than expected, and You Are Here is far and away my favorite.


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