Monthly Wrap Up: July 2019

Does anybody else feel like July went by incredibly slowly? It really seems as if July 4 was a lifetime ago. Probably I’m just anxious for August because it’s mine and Elliott’s birthday month! Birthdays are some of my favorite things, and this will be Elliott’s first one not spent in the hospital, so I’m a little extra excited.


MY READING SLUMP IS OVER! Y’all, that was brutal. I think it was a month and a half long? It isn’t the longest slump I’ve ever had, but it was rough. Out of the 19 books I managed to read in July, here are the ones that were 4 or 5 stars:


I’m still trying to have another month like April where I had a post go up every single day, but July wasn’t that month. There were two days without posts, but that was better than May and June which each had three no post days.

My goals for July were to hit 1,800 views, have 1,000 visitors, and reach 350 blog followers and I’m excited to say that I surpassed all three and it was my best month yet! This was my fifth month of blogging and I’m incredibly proud of where I’ve managed to come in that time. For August, I’m still giving myself the same goals.

My three most popular posts for July were Seven Authors Whose Books I Will Immediately Buy, Ten Unpopular Bookish Opinions, and the Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read Tag. If you missed out on any of my other posts from the month, I’ve linked them all down below for easy browsing!


Top Ten Tuesdays

Waiting on Wednesdays



July was definitely one of the more difficult months I’ve had lately. My husband and I were both sick at the beginning and now I’m sick again at the end. Thankfully we’ve managed to keep Elliott healthy both times which is crucial because of his heart.

Elliott was without health insurance the majority of the month which was pretty terrifying. There’s just so much that goes on with kids that have chronic illnesses and the programs that are there to help them are so broken. He was out of therapy that entire time, but we’re finally back to our normal routine and it’s wonderful!

On this day a year ago, Elliott was having a surgery he only had a 20% chance of surviving. It doesn’t feel like it was a year ago, though. Honestly, it still feels like yesterday. I’ve been thinking about the surgery a lot lately, and I don’t understand how or why, but I’ve been feeling anxiety and fear like the surgery is about to happen. It’s almost like my brain doesn’t understand that it was a year ago and not next week, tomorrow, or today.

How was your month? Did anything exciting happen? Is there any content you’d like to see more of in August on my blog? Let me know in the comments!

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