Review: She-Ra and the Princess of Power – Season Three

I had a ridiculously busy day last Friday and Saturday was Elliott’s brithday and party, so I wasn’t able to watch season 3 of She-Ra until late Sunday night. As soon as I finished it I knew I had to ditch my original post for today and talk about Adora and all her friends instead!


Netflix puts these seasons out at such a quick pace. Honestly, I wish they would slow down a bit and release longer seasons even if it meant us not getting new content as often. Season 2 didn’t feel fleshed out enough and seemed like it ended too soon, but this newest season was absolutely perfect!

Season 3 was a lot darker and more intense than either of the previous ones and I loved every second. Until this point, Catra was still very conflicted about who she wanted to be, but we saw her truly embrace her evil side. Seeing her completely accept the role of the villain is what I have been waiting for. I’ll always root for the hero in a story, because I’m as Hufflepuff as one could ever get, but Catra is an exception.

Are Catra and Adora ever going to get together though? I’m such a huge shipper of these two and I NEED SOMETHING TO HAPPEN. The tension is killing me (in a good way).


All of the characters had to make some really tough decisions this time around. My one major complaint is that we didn’t get to see the other princesses very much, though. Mermista is one of the best and the tiny bit I saw of her wasn’t near enough. They’ve all been so involved in previous episodes and while I love the best friend squad, I missed their sidekicks a lot.

Having a season of only 6 episodes at 24 minutes each made it a breeze to get through in one go. That’s something I enjoy about the shorter seasons is that I never get halfway in and have to abandon it for a week when life gets crazy. This is a show I’m able to easily keep up with and I love it.

The last few episodes were really intense and this season ended on kind of a downer (I feel like normally the end on positive notes?) so I’m crazy excited to see what season 4 has in store for us!

What is your favorite show on Netflix? Let me know your recommendation in the comments!

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