Announcing Shattering Stigmas 5.0

I have a huge announcement that I am so excited to share with you all! In October I will be co-hosting the mental health event, Shattering Stigmas, with Taylor from Stay on the Page. This two week blog event focuses on all aspects of mental health and shattering the numerous stigmas that come along with it.

Shattering Stigmas was first created four years ago by Shannon from It Starts at Midnight. Through book reviews, discussions, and guest posts, this blog event started conversations about mental illness, and kept them going. Taylor co-hosted two years ago and officially took on the event last year.

This year’s hosts include myself, Taylor, Shannon from It Starts at Midnight, and Amber from YA Indulgences. All links will take you to their announcement posts regarding the event.

Mental health is a topic that is incredibly important to me. I struggle with depression and anxiety while my husband has borderline personality disorder and survived a suicide attempt last September. I’m incredibly honored to be co-hosting this important event and I hope I’m able to help give a platform to those that need their voices to be heard.

This year, Shattering Stigmas will run October 6-19.

I am looking for a few more bloggers, authors, writers, and readers to participate by writing a post for the event to be shared on my blog. Posts can be about anything you choose as long as it relates to mental health and/or the stigmas associated with it in some way. It can be book related but it doesn’t have to be, in any format, and any length. As long as WordPress will let me put it in a post I will share it. Post ideas include:

  • review of a book with mental health themes
  • list of your favorite media with good mental health representation
  • self-care tips or coping mechanisms
  • a Q&A (this would especially be great for authors)
  • discussion posts
  • personal essay
  • an open letter

I have been given a great privilege in being able to take part in this event and I want to make sure I am using my platform to boost marginalized voices. If you are one of these voices I would especially love to work with you on this project!

If you are interested in writing a guest post you can leave a comment letting me know the best way to contact you, send me a DM on Twitter, or email me.

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