Review: Shatter City by Scott Westerfeld

Title: Shatter City
Series: Imposters
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Release Date: September 17, 2019
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 416

Content Warnings: earthquakes, emergency medical needs

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When the world sees Frey, they think they see her twin sister Rafi. Frey was raised to be Rafi’s double, and now she’s taken on the role . . . without anyone else knowing.

Her goal? To destroy the forces that created her.

But with the world watching and a rebellion rising, Frey is forced into a detour. Suddenly she is stranded on her own in Paz, a city where many of the citizens attempt to regulate their emotions through an interface on their arms. Paz is an easy place to get lost . . . and also an easy place to lose yourself.

As the city comes under a catastrophic attack, Frey must leave the shadows and enter the chaos of warfare – because there is no other way for her to find her missing sister and have her revenge against her murderous father.

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Holy guacamole. And I thought Imposters was good…..

Filled with action that continuously keeps the stakes at an all-time high, Scott Westerfeld gives an incredible examination into self-discovery, family, and the regulation of emotions.

Shatter City is the perfect continuation of the Uglies series. Imposters was good but this second installment takes the series to an entirely different level. We saw a glimpse of the Uglies’ personality in Imposters and I’m so excited to say that Shatter City contains so much more. I loved the amount of bubbly speak and new technology we were introduced to. It truly felt like I was back inside Tally Youngblood’s universe.

The Smoke lives.

Shatter city by scott westerfeld

Every single page is action-packed and the story moves at an astonishing pace. Westerfeld doesn’t once give you a chance to catch your breath and instead will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page. The chapters were all fairly short so I felt like I was flying through the book which matched the pacing perfectly.

There were twists and turns around every corner and I loved that I was constantly left guessing. It was never so much that I felt confused but instead enough to take me on a wild ride. And that twist on the end? I can’t say much about it because spoilers but I thought I had it all figured out and oh how wrong I was.

We’ve played the game of lies for so long, I don’t know how to change the rules.

shatter city by scott westerfeld

Imposters did a great job of introducing us to these characters and I was impressed with how well Shatter City expanded on them. We learn so much more about each of them and the progression and development they go through feels right and makes sense. Frey, Rafia, and Col all essentially want the same things but they each have very different ways of going about obtaining their goal.

Westerfeld brings a great amount of extra depth to each of the characters and explores some important themes regarding familial obligations, technology, emotions, and privacy. Westerfeld’s books have always been a great examination of where the world is at and the direction it’s going and Shatter City is no exception.

I do suggest reading Imposters before heading into Shatter City, and while to get the full experience you should also read the Uglies series first, it is possible to jump into this continuation blind. It honestly feels like an Uglies for a new generation while still catering and giving so much to those of us that have been long-time fans of the world.

A physical ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Additionally, all quotes should be checked for changes against the final copy.

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