September Book of the Month

Note: Make sure you read until the very end because I have a super special announcement that I’m incredibly excited about!!

September is almost over but the fun isn’t! I’d had a YA Book of the Month subscription for several rounds earlier in the year but stopped it recently when I needed to cut back on expenses. You know your girl couldn’t stay away though.

This month’s selections were really difficult to choose between. Practically impossible if we’re being honest. Luckily the publisher had sent me a finished copy of The Stars and the Blackness Between Them so that one was out. Fantasy isn’t my thing which nixed The Girl the Sea Gave Back and The Ten Thousand Doors of January. At this point I was left with Permanent Record and Frankly in Love.

Trying to make a choice was agonizing.

Eventually, I just gave up and went with both of them. Sometimes you have to live a little, ya know? And my TBR could use a few extra books – it’s starting to look a little thin. Ha ha that’s a lie it’s actually screaming in pain for me to stop.

I was planning on taking some fun unboxing photos to share but my son has been in the hospital since Monday so I’ve accepted that it’s not going to happen. Next month though! I’m determined!

So what is my exciting announcement?

Until September 30 you can try Book of the Month YA for only $5! Seriously, that’s it! $5 for a new release hardcover! It really doesn’t get any better than that. Just sign up by clicking here and make sure you use code YALIT to get your savings!

The best part is that you can cancel at any time. Or, if you don’t like the selections they have you can always skip the month! It’s such a flexible subscription service and the most affordable I’ve ever found. Book of the Month has helped introduce me to some books I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise (I’m looking at you Past Perfect Life) and I’ve been impressed with how diverse the selections are.

Also I’m really excited to tell you all that I’m now a Book of the Month YA affiliate! I didn’t choose to do this just because I thought it would be fun – I honestly love this company so much and am honored that I have the chance to work with them.

Which book would you have chosen from the above selections? Have you ever tried Book of the Month? Let me know in the comments!

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