Six Jodi Picoult Books You Should Try

Thanks so much to Dana from Devour Books with Dana for helping me out while my son is in the hospital and sharing her favorite Jodi Picoult books with us! If you’re interested in writing a guest post then fill out my contact form.

Today I wanted to talk to y’all about one of my favorite authors. I’ve read more of her books than Goodreads says I have because I read them most in high school before I was using Goodreads. I own a lot of her books and I need to go into my book box and actually see what I have to make sure I don’t buy doubles. I have more than what is listed here but here are my favorite ones or the ones that I keep inside.

My Sister’s Keeper – 3.5 stars

This was my first book by Jodi after seeing the movie and the book is so much better.

Small Great Things – 4 stars

This book touches on race and racism. There is a twist towards the end that I never saw coming but loved.

The Storyteller – 3.5 stars

I love books about history and this focuses on the holocaust a bit. It was a great read.

Leaving Time – 4 stars

I think about this book probably more than I should. It’s so touching and I highly recommend.

Handle with Care – 5 stars

This is my favorite book from her. I would call it one of my comfort books. I have read this one at least 10 times. It brings up a lot of good points about disability.

Sing You Home – 4.5 stars

This book has LGBT rep so obviously I love it. It also has a lot religious parts but it ties into the story so I don’t mind too much.

Have y’all read any of Jodi’s books? I recommend Sing You Home and Handle with Care if you haven’t!

5 thoughts on “Six Jodi Picoult Books You Should Try”

  1. I’ve read My Sisters Keeper and loved it but that’s the only one –
    as I find myself avoiding her books despite this… I’m not sure why, might be because I remember how heart-wrenching it was! I should read her books again though as I really like her writing style.

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