Shattering Stigmas 5.0 Wrap Up

It’s hard to believe that Shattering Stigmas has actually come to an end! This event has been incredible and I’m honored and grateful that Taylor chose me as a co-host.

So many amazing things happened over the last two weeks –

  • conversations were started
  • stories were shared for the first time
  • people realized they weren’t alone
  • advice was given and used
  • stigmas were shattered

To my guest posters –

Thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I feel so much gratitude towards each and every one of you.

This was my first time co-hosting an event like this and it very easily could have been a failure. But you made it successful. So many of you jumped on board as soon as I put the call out for submissions and a few of you even responded to my last minute pleas.

Your hard work and determination to help shatter the stigmas associated with mental illness did not go unnoticed. Your stories made a difference in people’s lives and they will stick with me for a very long time.

To my readers –

Thank you.

This was an event I immediately knew I wanted to participate in but was nervous about how it would be received. My blog focuses on books and talking about everything but that for two weeks was a risk. You could have easily ignored every post and spent your time doing something else – but you didn’t.

Thank you for every story you read, comment made, and post liked. Thank you for understanding the importance of the work being done and for joining the conversation.

It’s a wonderful thing to finally feel as if you’ve found your group of people. I’m lucky to have that and it’s because of you.

To my fellow hosts –

Taylor None of this would have happened without your guidance and direction. Thank you for all the time you put into the event and for always being willing to brainstorm and answer questions. I’m so thankful I get to call you friend.

Shannon Thank you for originally creating this event four years ago. You started something that has given platforms to those that needed it and shows others that they aren’t alone. Lives have been changed because of you.

Amber Life hasn’t been easy and I’ve appreciated your openness every step of the way. That’s such an important part in shattering the stigmas we encounter. Thank you for your dedication and the stories you helped add to the conversation.

The event may be over, but the stories continue.

If you missed any of the posts from the last two weeks I encourage you to read them. Support the authors and help continue to shatter the stigmas associated with mental illnesses.

From me:

From Taylor @ Stay on the Page:

From Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight:

From Amber @ YA Indulgences:

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