Sunday Stacks Week Sixteen

You probably thought this feature was dead and never to be seen again, huh? Nope! My blogging schedule has just been a little full and crazy lately so I had to temporarily cut it. But Sunday Stacks is back, baby!

I’m not even going to bother doing a recap of the last one like I normally do considering it has been two months… Instead, let’s jump right into what I’m planning on reading this week!

Normally, I read ARCs in the order they need to be reviewed, but if you think for even a second I’ll be able to keep myself from reading More Than Maybe by Erin Hahn right this second then you are sorely mistaken. I am incredibly grateful to have been sent this by the publisher and I literally cried when I opened the package. This is my most anticipated book of 2020. I haven’t even read it yet and it already means so much to me. Welcome to my heart, Luke and Vada.

Could the cover for As Many Nows as I Can Get by Shana Youngdahl get any prettier? (The answer is no by the way.) This book about “grief, guilt, and reconciling who you think you need to be with the person you’ve been all along” sounds right up my alley and I can’t wait to dive in. Bring on all the emotions – I’m ready!

Ever since Twitter told me I have big mermaid energy I’ve been wanting to read a mermaid book. Thankfully, Coral by Sara Ella is stepping in to fill that urge. This retelling is said to “explore mental health from multiple perspectives.” Mermaids shining a light on mental health? Where has this book been my entire life??

Do any of these books sound good to you? What are you planning on read this week? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Stacks Week Sixteen”

    1. I was surprised at how dark it was too – definitely not what I was expecting, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I thought it was going to be a run of the mill Little Mermaid retelling. I just wish there were content warnings at the beginning of the book because it gets pretty graphic.


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