End of the Year Announcements

I have so many fun things planned for the end of 2019 and I finally get to tell you all about them today!

The ending of another year is always an exciting time for me because I love the idea of new beginnings. This year end is even more special though because it’s also the end of a decade. I’m only 26, so I haven’t even lived three full decades yet, but I already know that this last one was most likely the most influential I’ll ever have.

I went into public school for the first time, fell in love with and was heavily involved in my school’s theatre program, graduated, had some not healthy relationships, moved out of my parent’s house, fell into some bad habits, got married, had a son, learned how to live in a hospital, realized I was bisexual. I’m ending the decade a completely different person – somebody who is much closer to their true self. And you know what influenced me the most? BOOKS.

Which leads me to my first announcement!

I want to know what YOUR favorite book from the past decade is.

It doesn’t matter who you are – blogger, booktuber, bookstagrammer, Goodreads reviewer, or even just somebody who loves books – I want you to participate! All you have to do is fill out the Google form and you’re in! I’ll be sharing everybody’s favorite books at the very end of the year in a blog post.

But I don’t only want to know reader’s favorite books. If you’re anything like me then you constantly wonder what books your favorite author has been loving lately. Which means…

Authors – I want to know what your favorite book from the past decade has been.

Do you write middle grade or young adult stories? If so, fill out the form! It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re “popular”, self-published, published by a big 5, have a million books out, or are soon releasing your first book – I want to give you a space in this feature! I’ll be sharing author’s favorite books in a separate post from the reader’s at the very end of the year!

If you’re anything like me then you also follow your favorite authors on Twitter and you love interacting with them. One of those favorite authors, for me, is Erin Hahn. When I saw her tweet about wanting a more unconventional type of end of the year list I knew it was my call to action.


Nominations for The 2019 YA Yearbook Awards are live!

I took Erin Hahn’s idea and ran with it – creating six most/least likely categories for books and five most/least likely categories for characters. Nominations will be accepted through November 21. I’ll tally them all and then the top 3-5 (depending on how many nominations there are) will move onto the voting round. Voting will take place November 25 through December 16 and I’ll announce the winners in a post on December 27!

Use the below Google form to nominate your favorite books and characters in each category! Both authors and readers are more than welcome to submit nominations!


  • You may submit up to three nominations per category!
  • You don’t have to nominate something in every category!
  • All nominations must have been published in 2019!
  • All nominations should be young adult books!
  • All nominations should include the title AND author!


And that’s it! Three end of the year events that I am incredibly excited about!

What authors are you hoping will participate? Will you be letting me know what your favorite book of the decade is or nominating books/characters for the Yearbook Awards? Make sure you use the Google forms – any submissions left in the comments won’t be counted!

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