Review: The Runaway Princess by Johan Troianowski

Title: The Runaway Princess
Author: Johan Troianowski
Release Date: January 21, 2020
Publisher: Random House Graphic
Pages: 272

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This princess can’t resist the lure of adventure, but her parents aren’t quite on board in this fantastical graphic novel perfect for fans of Princess in Black and Phoebe and Her Unicorn!

Robin? Robin? Robin?! Where are you?

She couldn’t have gone far. . . .

Princesses don’t run away to have their own adventures. Right?

Princesses stay quietly and obediently at home. They would never want mermaids and swamps and pirates and getting kidnapped to be a part of their lives.

Not this princess!

Adventures await when Robin (bored of princess-ing all the time) embarks on the best adventure of her life–meeting friends along the way as she travels through the magical landscape of her country. But her parents aren’t so pleased–and they’re coming to find her and bring her back to the castle, no matter how she feels about it!

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Absolute. Pure. Magic.

I was instantly drawn in by Johan Troianowski’s art style. It’s quirky, bright, and was the perfect way to bring the story to life.

The characters were adorable. Robin was hilarious and full of spunk while also being completely endearing. She very easily stole the show but the band of brothers she befriended were also special. Not all of them spoke much but they each had specific identifiable traits that helped them stand apart.

‘How often do you see two giant crabs locked in mortal combat?’
‘Every other Tuesday!’

One of my favorite parts about the entire thing was that it was interactive. This is something I would have been all over as a kid and even as an adult it sparked some joy. The reader is asked to shake the book three times before turning the page to help Robin escape a wolf, use their finger to help the characters find their way through a maze, search for a missing character on a crowded page, and so much more.

The Runaway Princess is truly special. Between great humor and being able to help the characters on their wacky adventures – readers of all ages will find themselves unable to put this book down.

A physical ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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