Friday Jams Week Seven (Feat. My First Music Review)

Hi, friends! It’s time for another Friday Jams, and this week it includes my first music review!

This is a recap of the three artists I listened to the most over the past week and which of their songs was my favorite. I’ll be pulling all of my data from, a website that tracks every song you listen to and compiles all the data to give you different stats on your listening trends.

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Friday Jams Week Six

Welcome to another Friday and congratulations on making it through the week! I have what I’m hoping will be a fun and exciting change to Friday Jams. Along with sharing with y’all my top three artists from the week, I’ll now also be including music reviews! I’ve asked Twitter to tell me who their favorite artists are, and you can always leave a comment on my Friday Jams posts with your suggestions too! Each week I’ll randomly select one music artist to listen to and give my thoughts on. Who knows, maybe we’ll both find a new favorite musician!

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