Six Jodi Picoult Books You Should Try

Thanks so much to Dana from Devour Books with Dana for helping me out while my son is in the hospital and sharing her favorite Jodi Picoult books with us! If you’re interested in writing a guest post then fill out my contact form.

Today I wanted to talk to y’all about one of my favorite authors. I’ve read more of her books than Goodreads says I have because I read them most in high school before I was using Goodreads. I own a lot of her books and I need to go into my book box and actually see what I have to make sure I don’t buy doubles. I have more than what is listed here but here are my favorite ones or the ones that I keep inside.

My Sister’s Keeper – 3.5 stars

This was my first book by Jodi after seeing the movie and the book is so much better.

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Eight Novels Written in Verse You Should Try

If you’ve ever wondered what type of book I will absolutely pick up every single time then this post is for you! Novels written in verse are my weakness and even if the synopsis doesn’t completely capture my attention this writing style will. Here are eight of my favorites if you’re wanting to give books in verse a try.

Swing by Kwame Alexander and Mary Rand Hess is a recent discovery of mine. I’ve found that verse novels tend to convey a great deal of emotion but I was floored at the amount in this one. Alexander and Hess write beautifully together and I was entranced from the very first page. Read my full review to see the other countless reasons why I love this one!

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