Author Interview: Laurie Boyle Crompton

Today I have Laurie Boyle Crompton, author of Pretty in Punxsutawney, here to answer some questions! We’ll be talking about the 80s and what books she’s been reading lately. Stick around until the end because you’ll have a chance to win her book as part of a five book prize pack!

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Hi, Laurie! Thanks so much for being here today and answering my questions. What is it about a Groundhog Day type story that appeals to you?

I loved the idea of giving a teen character a do-over on an important day. I wanted to make sure it had the most potential for fun and drama, and landed on Andie’s first day at her new school. Of course, knowing what’s coming next doesn’t always help Andie all that much! This book was a blast to write and served as my chance to explore all sorts of outcomes with a character who I love.

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